Dressage with Kyra

The Kyra Kyrklund Training Method



A clear and concise guide to the unique training system that has brought Kyra Kyrklund so much success in the dressage world. Whether starting out with a young horse or competing in Grand Prix, riders will find the text crammed with inspired training tips and encouraging advice.
Kyra firmly believes that when a horse and rider are working together, not only should the picture look easy, but also it should be easy for both parties - her book explains precisely how to achieve this.
Kyra wrote the book together with Jytte Lemkow. She is a Danish born international dressage judge, experienced rider, equestrian journalist, photographer and commercial designer.

The book has been published in the English, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Dutch and German languages. It has sold over 40,000 copies.

If you are interested in publishing this book in another language please contact us at info@kyrak.com